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Begin your captivating journey into Quranic Arabic, where we embrace learners from all backgrounds. Our meticulously designed course ensures your introduction to Quranic reading is not only seamless but truly delightful. Dive into engaging lessons, unravel the alphabet, master fundamental rules, and perfect your pronunciation – the key to unlocking the Quran’s precision and beauty. Immerse yourself in our supportive and welcoming community, where learning becomes an effective and enjoyable adventure.

Course Description

This course warmly welcomes learners from all walks of life to explore the basics of Quranic Arabic. It’s crafted with care to make your first steps in reading the Quran as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Through engaging, step-by-step lessons, we’ll guide you through the alphabet, introduce basic rules, and focus on correct pronunciation — all essential for reading the Quran with precision and beauty. You’ll find a supportive and friendly environment that makes learning both effective and enjoyable

What You’ll Learn?

2 reviews for Noorani Qaida – Foundation for All Ages

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